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Leave Yourself In The Hands Of Our Skilled Landscapers

A fresh, green landscape not only enhances the image you make in other people’s eyes, but it also preserves and increases your property’s value, thus protecting and your investments. A properly planned and executed landscaping plan will pay for itself with increased cost efficiency and less wasted labor by simply putting the right plant in the right place from the first time. Our team can help you through every phase of your ideas from helping you with new design implementation to renovating an existing landscape. We provide an extensive landscaping service that includes everything from planning, execution to maintenance.

At Francisco Felipe Lawn Care Inc no project is too big or too small for us. We carefully plan even the smallest detail of your projects. We will provide you with the highest possible level of satisfaction during our work, and will achieve all of your outdoor dreams. We possess the right tools and expertise to bring life to any landscaping project, regardless of its complexity. Our team consists only of the brightest in the industry. Our promise to you is that we’ll deliver the reliability, and will succeed where others fail. The work we do, not only increases the value of your properties, but also the quality of your lifestyle. Backed by extensive experience and outstanding reputation throughout the Fort Myers, FL area, we take a friendly and professional approach to every landscape design and lawn care program. We are covering all aspects of design and garden work. Some of our services include:

  • Deck construction.
  • Fences erection and treatment.
  • Patios placement.
  • Tree pruning.
  • Hedgerows planting and maintenance.
  • Borders design and plant.
  • Concrete and paving slabs maintenance.

We offer our clients an approach, with unparalleled design, implementation, and maintenance management. We strive to exceed all of your expectations and to earn your trust for years to come by delivering outstanding customer service and master craftsmanship. Our company will take care of every aspect of your job, so you won’t have to call for anyone else besides us. We’ll do everything within our power, to go far beyond your expectations. So if you’re ready to explore new possibilities for your exteriors, don’t wait and contact us right away. With your ideas, and our execution your home will be truly renewed. Contact us, and fulfill your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to make some serious improvements, or you just want to keep your property looking good and neat, we have all the means to meet your specific needs. Just share your ideas and vision with us and let yourself be in the capable hands of our designers, in order to enjoy for years to come your own piece of paradise. Call us at (239) 940-3498 and you won’t regret choosing our landscaping service!

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