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Francisco Felipe Lawn Care Inc Offers All Kind of Sods as Well as a Complete Array of Sodding Services

Performing sodding tasks is not an easy feat. Thankfully, any landscaper at Francisco Felipe Lawn Care Inc can help. While the common debate is between seeding or sodding, sodding has many advantages such as being virtually free of weeds, not being susceptible to washing away if are installed properly, and offers a green lawn nearly instantly after the roots have been maintained and established. The first step in preparing is leveling the ground. This requires that the soil is raked back and forth filling any holes, turning over each area, and shifting the dirt from higher areas to lower ones. The ground should be edged and tapered back around any sidewalks so that when the process begins, it will match with the borders instead of sticking above them. After this, a starter fertilizer is needed. This is based on climate, sod type, as well as region.

Our professional staff, with years of experience behind their backs, carefully prepares the landscape site leveling and smoothing it, removing any rocks and debris. The years of experience give them an eye for the site and detail, and this ensures the proper grade and the health of your sod installation. Other benefits of the sodding process are:

  • erosion control;
  • conservation of water;
  • reduction of herbicide and pesticide use;
  • increasing chances of success unlike seeding;
  • instant green lawn;

Whether you are looking for sodding purchase, delivery, or installation, we are your landscaper choice. Our locally grown sod includes some of the most popular types of sod, specially blended for the Fort Myers, FL climate area. Call us right away, and bring life to your ideas. Give yourselves a present, and transform your yards into the one you’ve always dream of.

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