Only Have a Limited Amount of Space in Your Garden?

What Is Involved in Garden Landscaping?


Garden landscapes refers to plants and features which are deliberately combined and arranged to create a tranquil atmosphere in a garden. This arrangement can be performed by a professional landscaping architect or by an amateur DIY gardener. All depending upon the needs and wants of a homeowner, design importance can be given to the aesthetics of a garden or in creating a workable and functional space. Normally,  elements of garden landscapes can include such items as shrubs, trees, flowers, gravel or grass, water features, stone walkways, exterior furniture, and exterior lighting.


The dynamics of garden landscapes can be used within any type of size garden, ranging from public parks to small gardens. Expert garden designers, also referred to as landscape architects, are normally hired to plan a garden. They could also be hired by homeowners looking to introduce a professional level to their exterior space. In most cases, though, home garden landscapes are planned and performed by the homeowners themselves.


While a garden landscape is supposed to be visually pleasing, a designer has to consider more than just appearances when creating a garden space. They have to determine how a  space is going to be used and choose elements which allow for and enhance that usage. For example, a garden in a family’s vacation home could have a patio and exterior dining furniture, thus allowing a family to have their meals in this space. Also,  other important factors are the quality of the soil and the climate, which will greatly dictate which types of foliage will be planted.


Plant elements traditionally used in a garden could be trees, shrubs, and flowers. Depending upon the atmosphere a homeowner intends to create, these plants could be extremely stylized. For example, a garden could have hedge mazes or flowers planted in certain patterns. In other cases, a landscaper could favor something more informal, like randomly planted wildflowers.


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