Landscaping Tips For A Weed-free Garden

Lawn Care For The DIY Landscaper

Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies one can have, especially if you are growing edible plants, fruits and vegetables. It is relaxing and satisfying at the same time. Watching your plants grow big and strong under your care can bring a lot of joy. The biggest and constant problem all gardens face are the weeds. They are a persistent threat and a constant pain in the neck. That’s why we have compiled a list of landscaping tips to help you manage that:

  • The first rule of lawn care states: The moment you see a weed growing, kill it! You may have to get your hands dirty, but it’s preferable than having an infested garden. Don’t put it off for later! It may spread in a matter of just a few days.
  • Preventing weeds from growing is the second step of the process, although it is usually done in the first stages of landscaping your garden. The best way to do that, is to wrap the flower beds with a sheet of plastic. Make sure the flowers have enough soil over the plastic, in order to grow freely.
  • Mulch is wonderful for keeping your lawn weed-free. It prevents soil erosion, protects from weeds and keeps the lawn moist at the same time. It’s mandatory for almost any landscaping project.
  • Another method for prevention, is to grow crowd resistant plants. Such flowers form thick clusters making it harder for weeds to compete with them for light and moisture. They suppress other plants and provide your garden with natural protection.
  • Excess water can create a good environment for weeds. That’s why, we advise you to get a water distribution system, or a drip irrigation system, in order to better control the amount of water your garden receives. It is cost-efficient and creates high competition for moisture which acts as a preventative measure.

This is all we can tell you about weed protection. You can do it yourself, or call a landscaper. As always, the choice is yours. If you are looking for a reliable professional, however, don’t hesitate to call Francisco F Lawn & Landscaping. We are the leading landscaper in Fort Myers, FL and the area. Reach us at (239) 940-3498.

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